Tekirdağ Serisi No10

Brand Story: ​​​​​​​Tek​​irdağ ​Rakısı No: 10 is produced by Turkey’s best fresh grapes and good quality aniseeds in the historical, handmade No: 10 rakı alembic. It is distilled 3 times. Tekirdağ Rakısı No: 10, which is a 100% fresh grape rakı, is characterized by its intense whiteness when mixed with water due to the high anise content. It has a mild, velvety and aromatic taste and fruity aromas. Tekirdağ Rakısı No: 10, which comes in an exclusive handmade copper alembic, has an alcohol content of 47.5%.

Food Pairings: It can be consumed as apperative or digestive as well as with mezzes with yoghurt and grilled dishes.

Alcohol Volume: ​47.5​%

Sizes: 70cl