Our Range


Tees has an outstanding collection of over 30 wine brands enjoyed in the United Kingdom. Our brands are crafted, authentic, relevant, luxury, with something for every taste and celebration from good quality house pours to the most premium. Our global and local the breadth of our portfolio is second to none.


As a Tees, we are an exclusive distributor of Efes beer. Efes contributed to the development of the market by cultivating the beer culture. The range of the Efes that we distribute is Efes Pilsener, Efes Draft and Bomonti. Anadolu Efes introduced many “firsts” to the consumers with its strong vision. With its entrepreneurship ecosystem and continuing to work shoulder-to-shoulder with farmers, Anadolu Efes pioneered the business environment.


As a Tees, we are an exclusive distributor of Mey (Yeni Rakı & Tekirdağ Rakı) and Efe Rakı in the United Kingdom.