Tees works with expert breweries that produce beers of the highest quality and always ensures that the beers reach the customers in the same quality. We offer a unique range of beers that distributing the exclusive brand of Anadolu Efes that comprising the cask ales, craft beers, lager, keg, smooth beer, and stout and packaged beer. Anadolu Efes one of the most exclusive distributed product currently continues its operations as a global company, which exports three-quarters of its production. In terms of sales volume, it is the 6th largest brewer in Europe and the 11th largest globally. Exporting products to over 70 countries, Anadolu Efes is one of the key players in the region.

Efes Pilsener

Efes Beer Bottle 50cl
Efes Beer Bottle 33cl
Efes Steinle Bottle 50 cl
Efes Beer Can 50 cl

Efes Draft

Efes Draft Bottle 50 cl
Efes Draft Beer Can 50 cl
Efes Draught KEG 30 lt


Bomonti Beer Bottle 50 cl
Bomonti Unfiltered 50cl