Paladin Pralis Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc

  • Bottle Size: 0,75 l
  • 10,5% Alc. Vol.

In vineyard: This wine is created by two international grape varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, grown with different objectives and techniques. Chardonnay comes from cooler areas and is harvested at perfect maturity. Sauvignon comes from sunnier vineyards.

In tasting: The color is a straw yellow with golden reflections. The aromas range from the delicate aromas of white peach given by Chardonnay to those of the decisive floral and citrus notes of Sauvignon. In the mouth, the entrance is enveloping, the excellent flavor supports the slight sweetness due to the over-ripening of the Sauvignon grapes.

Pairings: Aperitif wine, excellent with blue cheeses. Guessed with cured raw hams, delicate risottos and fish.