Efe Sarı Zeybek

Renowned among rakı lovers for years, Sarı Zeybek created a more distinctive flavor while preserving its original recipe by improving barrel maturation to 6 months and not adding any sugar during the production process. It now appears on shelves as Sarı Zeybek Original. It is double distilled in copper alembics for a more unique, refined, and smooth flavor. Aniseed from Tefenni region added during the copper alembic distillation gives it a more distinctive aroma.Sarı Zeybek Original is gluten free and produced with no added sugar to preserve the natural flavor of 100% Aegean grapes.Sarı Zeybek Original was matured in oak barrels for 6 months to fortify its unique rakı flavor from 100% grape spirits and aniseed with the character of the barrels.

70cl, 35cl