Efe Black

The first ever rakı to be triple distilled in copper alembics, it is
handcrafted using 100% grape spirits from Anatolian grapes. Its
aroma is enhanced by adding aniseed during each distillation. To
ensure the highest quality, it is balanced with spring water
brought specially from Bozdağ mountain. With further purification
of the spirit, during each distillation phase, middle part which is
called heart or göbek (meaning belly in Turkish) is taken. At the
end of triple distillation, heart of the heart of the heart is obtained;
hence it becomes rakı from the center of the heart. With its
smooth characteristics and aniseed flavor that makes it Efe Triple
Distilled unique, it is the choice of those who seek the taste of
both classic and highest quality rakı. It has matured for at least
100 days.

47% alcohol by volume.