Cote D’Avanos Narince Chardonnay

Grape: Narince, Chardonnay

Region: Côtes d’Avanos Vineyard/Cappadocia

Color: Bright golden yellow

Fragrance: Complex, with citrus, floral and well integrated oak notes

Taste: Full-bodied, elegant, with its crisp acidity very well balanced and long.

Temperature: 8-10ºC 

Food match: Perfectly matches with grilled or steamed fish, shellfish, pasta with white sauce, and chicken.

Côtes d’Avanos Narince-Chardonnay is made from Narince and Chardonnay grapes grown in Cappadocia Gülşehir Vineyards. These vines grow at 950 m above sea level, where the soil has the characteristics of white tuff and limestone formed from disintegrated volcanic rocks. Acidity and intense aromas are preserved thanks to high level of temperature difference between day and night. Grown at a low yield (30 hl/ ha) and harvested by hand at their highest level of maturity, Chardonnay and Narince grapes are processed with a gravity system (where the grapes are carried via gravity without being bruised by pumps). Being fermented in 225lt French oak barrels and with aging on the lees (“élevage sur lies”), Côtes d’Avanos Narince Chardonnay is a full bodied, well balanced and elegant terroir wine.