How to Pick the Perfect Red Wine For You?

If you are not a wine expert, it is not always easy to pick the bottle of wine you want to drink. Wine choices change every time depending on your budget, taste, time of the day and the food. In this article, we will explain all the details you need!

It is well known that wine gets better with age. If you do not have adequate knowledge about wine it can become complicated to choose between different kinds of wines. As a first step let’s learn what are the different styles of red wine. Every wine has its own characteristic. You can never find two exact same wines in any part of the world, tastes can be similar but there will always be slight differences. These are the styles of red wines:
Mild and fruity, full of fruit, strong aroma, and flavor, spicy wines. Let’s look at all of them separately.
Mild and fruity wines
These types of wines are not that complex. Their aromatic palettes are not that varied, however, their tastes are really delicious and distinctive. Additionally, they are milder in comparison with other styles. Substances in this kind of wine make drinking them much easier. They are often called pleasure wines. Acidity in these wines is higher because it quenches even your thirst. These wines need to get drinked in 2-3 years and stored in 12 or 14 degrees before serving, they do not get better with years.

Full of fruit

They are really similar to the types of wine we mentioned above but their aroma and taste stay in your mouth longer. Furthermore, they also have acidity a little bit less than fruity wines but more than the other two styles. It has small grains and it is advised to be stored at 15-17 degrees and consumed in maximum of 3 years.

Strong flavor

As you can understand from their names, these wines are complex and consist of varied substances. They have two times bigger aromatic palettes in comparison with previous styles. They get better by age and can be fruity, flowery, etc. As they stay in the barrels for long years their tastes become oaky and a little bit spicy. They are really grainy and their tastes last longer. Generally, they are consumed 3 years after they are produced and stored in 15-17 degrees.

Spicy Wines

The main reason why they are spicy is the region of the vineyards they are produced in. The production process of these wines needs a lot of attention and care. One of the best examples of this style is Grand Crus wines. These wines need to get aged at least 5 years before consumption. As time goes by they even get much tastier.
If you start to drink red wine recently, fruity wines are appropriate for you. They are reasonable and really mild. If you have a budget and want to try something new with a distinctive aroma then spicy wines are a perfect match for you. Other than spices it is important to prefer the right wine with the food. For example, while red wine is a good match with steak and different cheeses, white wine is preferable with fish.

When you choose the wine you mostly pick popular, well-known brands. Of course, the possibility of them letting you down is very little. However, also giving a chance to a new brand is advantageous because they are much cheaper for the same good quality.

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